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12 AI powered tools to grow your startup. (No, they’re not all ChatGPT.)

Published by Hanna Retana on
Text message bubble from sender reads "can you run my business for me?" the reply reads "Nope... But I can help." To the right there is a cute cartoon robot popping out from behind a phone's screen.
When used as what it is–a tool–AI can be a powerful member of your business strategy. It’s not a replacement or a magic wand (wouldn't that be cool?), but it’s definitely an ally that can help you save precious money and time, something those of us in small teams particularly appreciate. ... Read More

What we've been working on and why you can't see it (yet)

Published by Felix Gurtler on
what we've been working on
We haven't shared many product updates over the past year, but that's not because we've been quarantining on the couch (I promise 😇)! Instead, we took a step back and worked on some big changes to our internal systems. First we'll explain what they are and then why we've prior... Read More

Is your website multilingual yet? It definitely should be!

Published by Hanna Retana on
Umso's home-page in three different languages, shown in front of world-map
Why, you may ask?There is the obvious: Serving a broader, richer market. A larger chunk of potential customers, plus a greater regional reach equals increased sales.Yet this success isn't only reliant on translating your website's co... Read More
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